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Charting Excellence, Nurturing Potential: Welcome to RackBrains International

At RackBrains International, we take pride in our role as dedicated childcare professionals. We understand that the early years of a child's life are critical in building a strong foundation for their future.

"Where Excellence Meets Education,Curious Minds, Building Resilient Hearts, and Inspiring Bright Futures."

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At RACKBRAINS International Pre-School, our mission is to create a global learning environment where young minds are nurtured and empowered to become confident, compassionate, and lifelong learners.


Our vision for RACKBRAINS International Pre-School is to be a beacon of excellence in early childhood education, fostering a sense of wonder, creativity, and cultural understanding in every child.


At RackBrains International, our educational philosophy is grounded in a commitment to nurturing the minds and spirits of our students.In a rapidly evolving world, we understand the importance of innovation.

Live CCTV Access For Parents

At RackBrains International, we understand the importance of transparency and security in your child's educational journey. we offer live CCTV access for parents, providing the peace of mind and assurance that you can monitor your child's safety and well-being at any time during their time at school. We believe in creating a strong partnership with parents, and this service is just one way we prioritize your child's safety and your involvement in their educational experience.


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